What would you do if you couldn’t hear anymore? What if you could only use your hands to communicate?

Simple tasks like ordering food, discussing financial matters at the bank, explaining your conditions at the hospital, or even talking to friends and family may seem daunting when they can no longer understand you.

Consider this..

The deaf community cannot do what most of the population take for granted and are often placed in degrading situations due to these challenges they face. …

I’m now in the middle of my 9th week out of a total 12. With only a month to go I’ll be attempting to work with some of the latest in computer vision for my final project (capstone), something that seemed impossible a month earlier.

Me testing Yolov5 from my webcam

Month 2 recap in my General Assembly Data Science boot camp.

As I think about my personal journey, I can see the light shining at the end. The constant flow of information is getting easier to digest, and I’m finding time to learn about aspects in Data Science that interests me. None of this would be possible without the building blocks that were covered in the…

“This is the most difficult program General Assembly offers,” says my cohort’s dedicated career outcomes coach.

The past three weeks have been tough for me, as I had quizzes, project deadlines, and no power and internet for four days as Tropical Storm Isaias swept through Connecticut leaving 600,000 people in the dark. While most wouldn’t dare showcasing personal failure in a public space, my story has come out of tumbling forward through each trial, and sharing highs and lows along the way towards becoming a Data Scientist.

When falling forward isn’t fast enough, Wk2:

Quiz 1 Statistics: Mean: 12.66pts –25th Percentile- 9pts –50th Percentile: 12pts –75th Percentile: 18pts. The passing score on this quiz is 12 points. Sourced from our Google Classroom notes.

Lets be real:

I remember speaking with my wife right before my class at GA about…

Its 5 A.M on Monday week 2, and I’m finally ready to submit my lab work assignments on time! Our Lead Instructor’s warnings on the intensity of the program sinks in, and my family and friends worry about my lack of sleep. I knew going into the course that no amount of preparation would be enough for someone that is quickly learning the prerequisites of Data Science along with the hours of lectures and range of related topics we would cover, all in the hopes of preparing my cohort and I into being Data Science ready candidates. …

Icebreakers, virtual work environment setups, expectations, and graduation requirements are definitely helping me with the reality that I’m a student again.

Pre-course work.. and where I stand.

Prior to day 1, after passing a candidate screening in April, I had a tech setup guideline along with a weeks workload of Data Science pre-course material to complete.

Note: I won’t provide the details on the screening process, unless explicitly given permission from General Assembly.

Here are some of the main pre-course topics:

  • An intro to Data Science along with its use case
  • Math: Statistics / Probability / Linear Algebra
  • Python: The most popular Language for Data Science followed by R
  • Version Control: Using the terminal(bash)…

That’s me!

Tomorrow is my first day in a three month Data Science Immersive (DSI) program through General Assembly. I’ll be documenting the concepts I learn throughout the duration of the course to reinforce learning, to reflect on my experiences, and to share insights to those who are thinking of following my steps one day. I hope my progression from this point on will resonate with many as a message of hope, determination, and resilience in a time where many are losing their sense of direction in the walk of life post COVID-19. …

David Lee

Data Scientist

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